10 Reasons To Hire A Private Driver On Your Next Trip

If you are looking to get the most out of your trip hire a private driver or tour, it’s the only way to go. Not only do you get a luxury experience you leave your destination with a more well-rounded one as well.


I am paraphrasing a bit but I wholeheartedly agree with this!

You are able to do and see more than the average trip-goer. Hiring a private driver allows you to stop in some of the most beautiful off the beaten path locations, eat at some of the best non-touristy places, and gaze upon some of the most gorgeous views that most people miss. I’ve learned more about the countries I’ve visited from my drivers than from Google or paid group tours. I have also met some of the most amazing and interesting people.

And most of all it just makes you feel freaking special just curve your urge to call him Benson lol.

Understand that hiring a private driver for the day does not have to cost you a fortune. Though my tips are not budget conscious per se I am definitely not here to compete with the Rich Kids of Instagram. A driver can cost you anywhere from $85 per person to $200 and that, of course, is dependent on the extent of your tour.

Reasons to hire a private driver:


On your own time.

You don’t have to wait for other people in the tour group to find their way back to the bus or come back from the souvenir shop.

Specialized Experience.

These drivers want to make sure you have the best experience because you are in their city. The small family-owned companies are the most delightful, in my opinion. I feel so taken care of. You see the city through the eyes of the driver/local



Your comfort is their priority. You get air conditioned travel. Most of the places I have travelled do not believe in using AC. What they do believe is that it makes you sick. If you’re anything like me Air Conditioning is a non-negotiable lol



You are in control of where you go, how long you are there, and if you want to skip something etc



your belongings are safe. Sometimes you are a little over eager and take too many things with you on your tour or day on the town.


Better Deals & Shortcuts.

they tend to know people or have better deals with some of the places they are taking you. We got to skip the line for the castle in Romania and also got cheaper tickets.

More well-rounded experience.

You get more history about the city/country – i.e. how you culture yourself. Like I mentioned earlierYou can learn so much more speaking with a local, especially a driver since you are with them all day, about the history of the country/city you are in. This is how I learned about the 1975 Cambodian Genocide and the hitchhikers in Romania – both fascinating stories obviously for different reasons. Show you neat stuff


Lifelong connections.

You may make a new friend or find a potential boyfriend – in Liz’s case. Our driver was quite smitten with her. 🙂 This is also the value of just speaking to locals; you tend to meet people who you connect with and keep in contact with for years if not a lifetime.


Time, lines, and scams.

You are able to avoid all three because you hire a driver. Get to and from the airport in a timely fashion, Avoid the taxi queues, and bypass all the scam companies waiting to rip you off at the airport.



You get to just enjoy the ride and enjoy your surroundings. You have no stress and nothing to worry about.

It is definitely worth the money, particularly if you are short on time. Every time I have hired a driver I got more than I paid for.


Why not just use UBER?

1. Uber is not available in all cities abroad, especially the small towns and villages. You may fly into a major city with uber, like Bucharest, but the major attractions are sometimes far outside of the city. Check out my experience with a driver going to Dracula’s Castle in Romania.
2. Uber only picks you up and drops you off, you cannot hire an uber for a day.
3. Personalized experience

For my travellers who are interested in having a great experience, you cannot go wrong with hiring a private driver for the day.


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10 Reasons to Hire a Private Driver on your next trip


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    • Bryce, thanks for reading! You are absolutely correct, the cash is a very important factor lol. Splitting the cost with travel companions is a great way to combat the cost. In this instance, I would recommend finding drivers that have a flat fee instead of those who charge per person to make it easier to split the cost.