8 Secret Travel Tips You wish You Knew Earlier!

These 8 travel tips will absolutely set you up for greatness! Whether it be before or during your trip:

  1. Why You Are Going
  2. Who You Are Going With
  3. Know Your Limits
  4. Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone
  5. Separate
  6. Know Before You Go
  7. Money Money Money
  8. Know When To Hold’em, Know When To Fold’em

Travel Tips Below; Thank Me Later!

For some, these travel tips might be obvious but regardless they will definitely be helpful. Especially when used strategically and secretly. Some of you may be up to your neck in travel tips but I’ve found most of them to be centered around packing, airports, or manners in specific cities. These 8 travel tips are centered around your peace of mind and sanity! I want to make sure you don’t get stuck with a less than adequate travel companion in an annoying situation.


Know Why You Are Going

Pretty self-explanatory but it really sets the tone for the whole trip. Decide whether you are going for a cultural experience, relaxation, vacation, to party, shopping, or adventure. Each category requires a very different mindset. This is extremely helpful in deciding who you will ask to go with you.

Know Who You Are Travelling With

I don’t mean know their sign, favorite color, or if they like pastor tacos (which they should because duh). I am talking about the kind of person you will be travelling with.

After you’ve decided on the type of experience you want (party, culture, adventure, etc.) then it’s time to pick the people.

You are assumingly thousands of miles away from your house so you’re pretty much stuck with these people for the duration of your trip.

Just because you are besties doesn’t mean you will travel well together.

Por Ejemplo:

  • If you are going to Carnival in Brazil or Trinidad, don’t bring someone you know doesn’t like to drink, stay out late or…PARTY…please lol
  • If you’re planning a 5-day adventure trip hiking, backpacking, rafting, etc. and you bring someone who has never walked a mile a day in their life, but you like each other, you are not going to have a good time and neither are they.
  • You plan a trip to Tomorrowland and the person you choose to go with is looking for experience and culture then it probably isn’t going to be a great look.
  • If you are into experiences and all your friend wants to do is get drunk all day then you will absolutely be frustrated.
  • If you want to culture yourself and they don’t want to spend time around locals, leave the resort, or eat native food i.e. chain restaurants only, McDonald’s or Burger King, on my gosh it is the absolute worst and if you’re anything like me you will not enjoy the trip. Those are the people who only like to say they’ve been somewhere just to say they’ve been there.

I have friends that are in all the categories and I know who I can and can’t go where with. Be particular about who you travel with because you need to make sure that your money and time are well-spent. You are meant to cherish your experiences, not loathe them.

Know Your Limits


Realize what you will and won’t do because you are not going to enjoy yourself if you are doing things just because everyone else is doing them.

  • When everyone decides they want to go hang gliding and YOU KNOW that if you were meant to fly God would have given you wings then meet them at the bottom and be the one that’s taking the pictures.
  • If you KNOW you can’t swim, don’t get in a kayak and paddle against the current and end up far away from your resort and have someone dive into the ocean fully clothed to come pull you back to safety. True Story
  • If you know you can’t swim don’t jump in the ocean without a life jacket, or at all, trying to walk to the pretty blue water and get overtaken by the rip current. (funny story – they made it don’t worry lol)
  • If you don’t like to walk then don’t sign up for a 3-hour walking tour…take public transportation or Uber.
  • If you don’t feel comfortable roaming around with people that you don’t know then don’t do because ya know, safety. No one wants a Taken situation. that’s not to say that you should not get out of your comfort zone Which leads me to my next point.

I think you get the point lol

Get Out Of Your Freaking Comfort Zone

Actually, don’t even bring it with you on the trip. You will never experience life nor will your perspectives ever change if you don’t step out of your comfort zone ON. A. REGULAR.

Talk to people you would not normally talk to and eat things you wouldn’t normally eat because that’s how you connect with the culture. OBVI use your judgment though lol.

The most memorable experiences I’ve had are ones that happened outside of my comfort zone and I have never looked back.



You don’t have to stay with your friends the whole time. if there are 4 or more people in the group it’s hard to see everything everyone wants to see in the allotted time. To make this work just set up a meeting time to meet back up with the group. not everyone wants to see the same things and, especially on a group trip, and that’s okay.

My suggestion is to split up if you don’t have time to go together. Just be safe, coordinate a meeting point, make sure everyone has contact information, knows where you’re going, and proceed to enjoy yourself.

Know Before You Go

You don’t necessarily have to plan the trip out minute by minute just talk to each other about what you want to do, what you want to see, where you want to eat, and if there are any special events you want to go to or participate in.

Personally, I love rooftops and a good view so that is something I HAVE to do when I go somewhere, I have a friend who loved sunsets so we always made at least one. I think people will usually be down for what you want to do. So just talk about what it is that you’re excited to see and what you’re excited to do so that you and your travel companions can get what you want out of the trip.

MONEY – Plan Your Dollars


Assess what your bank account looks like and plan accordingly. Don’t try to keep up with you friends who make 20k more than you.  Plan your freaking money, know what your bank account looks like and rock with that…even better… budget!

don’t spend your light bill to keep up with your friends. Odds are, whatever you want to buy isn’t going to enhance your experience so leave the souvenir at the store and just have one drink instead of 5. I will say, that if it is a once in a lifetime event then I think you should splurge.

Know When To Hold’em, Know When To Fold’em

This is kind of travel counter intuitive but knowing when to turn down a trip is crucial. By turn down I mean cancel and that can mean even when stuff is booked. This is obviously a personal decision but sometimes your peace of mind outweighs the money lost.

I’ve turned down/canceled 3 trips. Two I had already bought plane tickets for and booked hotels but I was not here for the nonsense & drama (not me of course) so I took the L.

This is also why knowing your travel companions is crucial… And I’m not here to make the best out of a situation I am here for the best situation lol. Don’t worry about hurting people’s feelings; it is your money, your time, and your trip as well so… protect your investment.

Getting about 70% of what you spent back from your deposits is worth your peace of mind in my opinion. If you feel like this is a once in a lifetime trip then go, it might turn out for the best. Personally, though, I’m not here to sacrifice my time and my experience.

Disclaimer!!!!!!!!!!!! Flashing lights!!!!!

Use your judgment people! Don’t go broke, cancel a trip, or not spend money because I mentioned it here!


Again use these travel tips strategically. You don’t have to announce them then you’re doing it.

If you have any other travel tips you think we should know, tell us about them in the comments below!



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