My Story

I’m Ashleigh and I am a Marketing Consultant by day and Traveler by life.

My journey so far

I lived your typical suburban life minus the white picket fence. Life basically planned out for you: competitive high school textbook over achiever, extra curricular’s, sports etc lol. After college the plan kicks into high gear: 4 year university ( of course I already knew what I wanted to do), Double major double minor multiple extras (still over achieving), get your MBA because that’s what you’re supposed to do, get a corporate job, get married, have kids, watch them grow up, stare at a S.O. that you can still tolerate, then die. Not a bad life necessarily, just later realized it wasn’t the one I wanted. Luckily I realized this at 21 and not 41.

A turning point:

It all started with a shot of grappa and a coin tossed into the Trevi Fountain.

The first moments I got to Rome. I found another early arrival from my post baccalaureate program. We got street pizza and grappa and the rest was history


Later that week I partook in a well known legend. One coin means a return to Rome CHECK!, a second coin leads to a new romance CHECK CHECK!, and a third coin leads to marriage…lol im still working on this one.

At the age of 21 I had never been out of the country, which, now living in Texas, seems to be a normal thing lol. But I had the opportunity to go to Italy for a post baccalaureate program and let me tell you…. IT. CHANGED. MY. LIFE. NO! IT SAVED MY LIFE. Prior to this live saving event, I knew I had the world at my fingertips because I am a strong intelligent beautiful absolutely amazing woman and the world was my oyster yatta yatta. But after I saw how Italians lived I had NO idea what I was missing out on. I mean they freaking have a siesta!

I no longer wanted to live the Live to Work mantra. I wanted what the Italians had…. Work, for the sole purpose, to live. They actually enjoyed their lives and it was so apparent as well as baffling BECAAAUUSE they don’t earn NEARLY as much as the average income for the United States. Actually, it is a little less than half of the average annual U.S. income, which is only 704 dollars above the U.S. poverty line for a family of 4. BRUH! Whet? You may be thinking, Ashleigh Chanel, I enjoy my life and to that I say, as did I; perspective changes things.

To see how much they enjoyed their lives with nowhere near what I grew up with I was like How Sway? So over the next 5 weeks of that trip I found out, my life changed, and I never looked back. I was happy before the trip because I’m blessed, God loves me and all that good stuff, but now I realize that I don’t have to live the life society set out for me or live the lives of our parents (which again, isn’t a bad life). Fortunately, neither do you.

Don’t get me wrong I am not ragging on 9-5, I currently work for a Fortune 20 company, but it is not where I want to end up. So if you’re like me join my mailing list and you can see how I am working this luxury life journey and learn tips on how you can do it as well.

Fun Facts!

  • I am the epitome of a Taurus. What that means is I love and appreciate beautiful nouns! Beautiful people, beautiful places, and beautiful things.
  • I lived in Italy for a year and a half
  • I lived on Wall Street for a few
  • I lived in on London Bridge… obvi not on it but in an apartment on the cross street
  • I have been to 31 countries and 80 cities and counting; not including layover and pass throughs
  • I’ve been to more countries than I have cities and states combined in the U.S.
  • I switch between American and British spelling of words (e.g. traveller, colour, favourite, litre, etc.) Im not sure when this started lol but I confuse myself sometimes.
  • I am a marketing consultant shameless plug – if you need a website designed or marketing help check me out and I’ll help you Make Your Mark on your world.


If you’re interested in the countries I’ve visited, check out my interactive map.

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