Hanamizuki | Best Cafes In New York

Normally I write about international destinations but I loved this little New York café so much I had to tell you about it. Hanamizuki is so freaking cute ladies and gentlemen. If you need a quiet place to work all day and don’t want to be distracted, then this is

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Rome Rooftop Bars | Hotel Forum Rooftop

I am always down for a great rooftop experience, a beautiful view, and great food! The Hotel Forum is one of my many favourites in Rome that gives you all 3. Their restaurant is called the Roof Garden Restaurant and it definitely won’t disappoint. Though it is not located in

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My Ultimate Bucket List

In No Particular Order and constantly growing but it’s basically the whole world. I am so interested in culture and I just want to learn as much as I can. LoL I can hardly contain myself because of all the possibilities! I plan to get to them all; Can’t Stop, Won’t

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