Splendid Stay at The Centara Grand Beach Resort, Thailand

The Grand Arrival

We were greeted by a boat that took us to the resort. The Centara is only accessible by boat. This was pretty fun because it was kind of mission impossible secret island feeling. The resort is tucked into the mountain which gave a beautiful backdrop.




First Impressions


When we arrived at the front desk we were given juice to drink and hot towels, which was absolutely amazing.



After we checked in we were taken to our suite by golf cart and our luggage had its own cart. That made me laugh lol since there was plenty of room but it all ties into the luxury experience for me. They made sure we were only focused on getting to our room.

Oh So Suite


This resort was absolutely beautiful and the view from our room was amaze.

We were on the top floor of our house. We were greeted by a family of monkeys which was fun, I hate monkies but it was still nice to have a welcome wagon. I later realized they were only there because they knew that there was always a plate of fresh fruit in the room for new guests. Clearly, they wanted to hit it and quit it because I never saw them again for the rest of the 5 days lol.




Monkey Story


They hung around for a while to see if we would give them anything. One actually tried to come in the room lol… I really hate monkeys. But I weirdly decided to go out and take a picture of one. I was out with my Sigma 12mm lens and initially was a good distance away. But because it is such a wide angle lens I could get so much closer. And I did, unknowingly. I was literally less than a foot away when I took my eye away from the viewfinder and almost had a conniption! I freaked out and ran in the room. As you can see, the monkey wasn’t phased. Haha, he’s just like I’m only here for the grapes lady.



Back To The Suite


Our suite was great. One thing I absolutely loved was the fact that the toilet had its own room! And it was in the back of the room. You may think, “Ashleigh, that is weird to focus on.” But no! lol, I hate bathroom noises and when you are sharing a room with a friend the last thing you want to here is ANYTHING going on in the restroom. It also had a soaker tub, which I indulged in. Well just check out the pictures to see what it looked like. We had out own wrap around balcony with two seating areas. One of which had the ability to pull screens and curtains too, I suppose, keep the monkies away and also I’m sure, the bugs lol.



We had out own wrap around balcony with two seating areas. One of which had the ability to pull screens and curtains too, I suppose, to keep the monkies away and also I’m sure, the bugs lol.



I got up every morning to watch the sunrise, jet lag, and it was absolutely wonderful. Just looked like a watercolor painting.





First, let us talk about  THE. BREAKFAST. Breakfast was like the movie little princesses. It had everything you could ever want lol. It was my favourite meal. There was a buffet but you could order anything you wanted and they always came around and took your coffee and tea order. There was juice for days in so many flavours and colours. My goodness! It was spectacular.



If you don’t like breakfast they had other non-traditional breakfast foods for breakfast. Normally I don’t like a lot of options in life because it takes too much time. But I love a  glorious spread of breakfast food. If only my stomach was large enough to try everything. Luckily we were there for 5 days so I had the chance to oblige my taste buds.

The dinner experience was very lovely. You can sit right above the beach and eat. There are candles and nice lighting which was very lovely.

Our waiters and waitresses were very attentive and very sweet.

One thing I didn’t really like was that they ask for reviews. I’m thinking it is because the hotel was either revamped or hasn’t been open long but I don’t like that they require the waitstaff to ask for reviews. It takes away from the experience.  We were told they get bonuses for reviews. So I definitely gave a great one because I liked our waitress lol. She was so cute maybe 16 years old or something.

If you didn’t want to dine out of the room, room service was always available. I did test out room service and have nothing bad to say. The food was good and that is all that matters lol.


The Spa


I got an absolutely wonderful massage while I was there. Walking in was so beautiful and serene. I was greated with the same juice and as at checkin and a flower, i love flowers.

I changed into a robe and slippers and had an hour long massage, the one with the feet that they walk all on you.

Then afterward I was left to relax by the spa’s pool, not the main pool, with more juice and a view of the ocean. It was an absolutely magical time




ROBES! I love a robe and what I expect in every 5-star hotel. I feel so cozy when hotels have robes; its like they really want me to relax lol!!! I just like to be all naked under my robe and relax in the room after a long day of experiencing things.

They had many options for excursions. We chose to go on the all-day tour that took you to the beach where the beach was filmed which is really busy. Honestly, if you are going to Thailand you can skip this tour. I missed the beauty of the location because it was extremely overcrowded and so visited that you can’t really enjoy it.

I also never saw the movie but he was on a secluded beach and you definitely don’t feel it. Every tour company that hosts that tour is there when you are there so I definitely feel like I could have skipped it. But this is the Tour, not the hotel.

Other than the beach place, our excursion was pretty cool. The snorkeling was fun, I actually brought my own slippers, goggles, and snorkel which was nice


The Verdict


I know the place looked great when we booked it and the pictures actually did it justice. There were no surprises, everything looked exactly like the pictures showed it would.

I am extremely particular about hotels and very critical. This hotel said it was 5 stars and it felt like 5 stars. The service was impeccable, everyone was not only extremely attentive but genuinely nice. They always said hi when you passed them, which is something that makes the stay better.

Something that is pretty fun about the resort is that you can walk to that big rock during low tide. I got about half way but I stepped on 2 things that moved lol so I freaked out and swam back.

On your next trip to Thailand, I definitely recommend you stay at Centara Grand Beach Resort & Villas Krabi!

Have you stayed at the Centara Grand Beach Resort? Do you have any hotel recommendations in Thailand? I’d love to hear about them for my next trip.



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