Hanamizuki | Best Cafes In New York

Normally I write about international destinations but I loved this little New York café so much I had to tell you about it.

Hanamizuki is so freaking cute ladies and gentlemen. If you need a quiet place to work all day and don’t want to be distracted, then this is it.

The Criterion

There are a ridiculous amount of NYC cafes I could have gone to to work on designing my client’s website but I like to enjoy my surroundings when I’m working. Therefore, I had a few criteria that went into my decision.

My criteria for a café workspace was:

  • A table that could fit my computer, a drink, and my Logitech MX Master mouse (its kind of a big mouse lol). Many cafes I looked at only had those tiny round tables meant for a drink and discussion.
  • A place that was spacious enough that my neighbor and I weren’t bumping elbows or reading each other’s computers
  • A place that had more than just pastries because ya girl likes variety and I did not want to have leave if I got hungry
  • A location where an overabundance of people weren’t walking in and out. Everyone who came in, came to sit and enjoy their Japanese treat or noodles.
  • West Village or Chelsea. I am such a West Village kind of girl, but Hana is located West Village/Chelsea adjacent in Midtown West.
  • Not part of the criteria but this place was just hella cute, and I did not want to leave lol

The Ambiance

They describe their location as “A modern atmosphere that is cool and comfortable.” And it really is. I enjoyed the very chill atmosphere. The staff was very nice. It was all white inside with plant accents and cute wall art.

The music was a nice addition. It wasn’t annoying or too loud. It also wasn’t billboard top 100 so you wouldn’t get distracted dancing around because That’s What I Like comes on lol. “I got a trip to Puerto Rico! Say the word and we go! You can be my freaka girl I’ll be your freako Mamacita I will never make a promise that I cant keep I’ll make sure your smile ain’t gon’ ever leave!” I initially wrote two more verses, from memory, because I love that song SOFRAKIGMUCH but I thought I might be too much lol. You’re welcome.

Another reason I feel like I chose the right place is because it seemed like it was run by people who knew about Japanese food and the people who came in knew about Japanese food if you catch my drift  lol

Their Menue

They have freshly brewed coffee and an assortment of organic teas, cakes, and other sweet treats. On the savory side they have small plates, noodles, rice balls and rice bowls. If you want to partake in a few libations they have you covered there as well with Japanese beer and Sake as well as Italian and Californian wine.

If you are wondering what that extremely green twinkie looking thing is, it’s a cute little Green Tea Japanese Roll Cake. I saw it in a picture on Yelp, and it looked funky, so I had to check it out lol. Its flavors were very subtle, but it was a nice little treat. It is especially for all of you snackers out there.

I also had their organic lemon ginger tea which was exactly what I needed. The night before, I went out in Brooklyn and was having many throw your head back and laugh conversations over the music, so my throat was very dry and scratchy, which was making me cough.

I said all of that to say it was the perfect fit for what I needed that day. I wanted to try to the noodles because they smelled good but I was meeting my roommate back on the upper east for dinner and didn’t want to spoil my appetite.

Basically, this place covers all your bases… it covered mine. Cute – food – chill. Working at home is not always fun so when you find a fantastic place you cherish it. Plus I love anyplace that is white with christmas-looking lights.

What are your favorite cafes and workspaces in New York that I should check out? Do you have any you would deem the best cafes in New York? Have you been to Hanamizuki? Tell me everything in the comments below!

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