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I am always down for a great rooftop experience, a beautiful view, and great food! The Hotel Forum is one of my many favourites in Rome that gives you all 3. Their restaurant is called the Roof Garden Restaurant and it definitely won’t disappoint. Though it is not located in an extremely tall building the view is comparable.

I had some time to kill before class so I decided to take myself out to lunch. I was looking for somewhere chill and away from all the tourists. Fortunately, I found Hotel Forum, located very nicely behind Piazza Venizia and in front of the Colosseo.



I ended up in the elevator with a woman who worked at the hotel from Greece, a very pleasant woman. She told me she loved the view from the restaurant; she felt it was the best in Rome. I would say it is top 5. You can see the Colosseum in the distance, some ruins (but where can’t you see ruins in Rome), and the wedding cake building from my seat.


The Restaurant


This place was just what I needed. Hotel Forum has a rooftop restaurant with a lunch buffet. Open from 12-3 for lunch, 25 or 30€ buffet, and absolutely worth it because the food was delicious and the service was wonderful.

The buffet includes Starters, First and Main Courses of Fish and Meat, Vegetables, Fruit and Dessert at the price of Euro 30,00 (beverage excluded). It is a bit of a splurge for lunch, especially when you can eat pizza for 8 euros, but I don’t think you should leave Rome without going. It is a nice treat.


You are so close to the ruins you can talk to someone lol. I had the lunch buffet and there is a menue for everyone. The décor is so regal it makes you want to whisper when you walk in. Though it seems fancy, and it is, the staff is absolutely friendly and will make you feel welcome.

The view accompanied by the 28-degree temperature, 82F, and the breeze made my solo lunch date perfect. Mainly because I was under the shade 🙂

The wait staff was sooo nice. I thought since it was in a hotel they might be kind of snooty but they weren’t. I got there kind of late so I basically had the restaurant to myself. Everyone was SO attentive and so nice! Lol I love being taken care of.

The waitress noticed I was taking pictures and looking around so she suggested I go up to the terrace where the American Bar was. She said it was very nice at night and that I should come back around 7 when it opens. That was another cute spot. I sat up there for a while and enjoyed the sun and the flowers.


The American Bar


They also have a rooftop bar that opens at 7pm and is just the cutest. The America Bar has an even better view of the Imperial Forums. You can absolutely relax while looking out at the Monument of Victor Emanuel and the ruins of the Roman and Imperial Forums imagining what it was like when it was in its prime.



Overall this is definitely a rooftop bar or dinner location I would recommend and I will definitely be back. Whether you live in Rome or you are on vacation definitely make the Hotel Forum rooftop restaurant and bar a place you visit for lunch, dinner, or a drink.



  • It is perfect for a romantic dinner or a refined lunch like I had.
  • Make reservations if you are going fo lunch or dinner.
  • If you dont have time to make a reservation try going when lunch is almost over. That is when I went and you can see there was no one there.



Dining In Great Company

And if you need more convincing you are definitely dining in great company. I am a bit of a romantic so I loved that I have the same taste as 50s celebrities like Jacqueline Kennedy, who very much enjoyed to rooftop restraunt, Alain Delon, Liz Taylor, Brigitte Bardot, King Gustav of Sweden and also Gregory Peck, Michel Piccoli with Juliette Gréco, and the Dalai Lama.


A Bit Of History

“Rome’s Hotel Forum was inaugurated in the spring of 1962, after three years of renovation work carried out by Mr Angelo Troiani. He transformed an old building that, in ancient times, was once occupied by a convent of Dominican monks attached to the church of San Quirico e Giulitta. The hotel is located within walking distance of the Imperial Fora, in front of the impressive ruins of Torre dei Conti in the heart of the imperial city and close to what was known in ancient Rome as the “Porticus Absidata” in the Forum of Nerva. We are in the heart of this historical medieval and Renaissance city.”


Helpful Info:

Hotel Forum Rooftop

Via Tor de’ Conti, 25-30 00184 Roma

tel. +39.06.6792446




Open every day at Lunch and Dinner, closed on Sunday evening. All Year.

Breakfast: 07:00 – 10:30

Lunch: 12:30 – last order 14:15

Dinner: 19:30 – last order 23:00

Open to all hotel guests as well as the general public.


American Bar

Open every day from 5pm until late in the evening. March to October.

Open to all hotel guests as well as the general public.



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