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La Bombeta is located in the La Barceloneta neighborhood. It is a very unassuming restaurant and not someplace I would say omg this place looks awesome, let’s go! But if you walk past this place and don’t eat there you just did yourself and taste buds a disservice.

It is a 5-minute walk from the beach and about a 10-minute walk to the lovely Barcelona Aquarium.  If you feel like being fancy afterward and want to have a drink at the W Hotel Barcelona, it’s about a 20-minute walk from La Bombeta.

If you feel like being fancy afterward and want to have a drink at the W Hotel Barcelona, it’s about a 20-minute walk from La Bombeta.

The atmosphere is really fun, the staff doesn’t really speak English but they are super friendly. I love places like this.

The Food

Is absolutely amazing! The Bombas, what they are known for, are out of this world!

I don’t even completely know what they are. If I could describe it, I would say they’re large mashed potato balls filled with meat and two different sauces on top. But I don’t really know and I don’t really care.

They are absolutely amazing and we each had two orders plus tapas! Gluttonous for sure but I left La Bombeta with no regrets. The tapas are the best I have had ever.

This place is crazy busy so prepare to wait. Or you can check google for their busiest hours and avoid them. When you arrive, you order at the counter and they bring you your food to you. There is also a waiter so you can order other things.

Look at this freaking food! Those mushrooms! The calamari so thick and so wonderful! the freaking meatballs with peppers. I mean do you see the color of that sangria! That chorizo was bomb! And those freaking potatoes with that freaky sauce. It’s like a never-ending flow of goodness-ness



The Sangria

If I could go back for only one thing it would be the MFing sangria! WTF how do you make sangria taste this good!? It’s like wine juice! They should put this stuff in juice boxes and sell it on the beach!


The special thing about travelling, I have found, mainly because I love to eat, is that you get to experience what food is supposed to taste like!

I have always hated sangria, probably because everyone used California wine and just threw fruit in it and called it sangria. Lol….. OFFENSIVE! 

When God graced me with La Bombeta my life was changed from that moment on. We each had our own liter of sangria and finished them all and went back toe next day to repeat.


La Bombeta is the most awesomest, most amazingest, most flavorest filled restraunt and you have to visit when you get to Barcelona. Your tastebuds will thank you.


Also note, like the sign says — they do not have wifi but you won’t need it.


Have you been to La Bombeta? Or did you go because you read this post? Tell me about your experience!


Do you know of any best restaurants in Barcelona? Or a place you think has the best sangria ever? Let me know in the comments below. Like I said, I love to eat and would love to check out your suggestions.



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