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La Reggia Degli Etruschi is located on the green hills of Fiesole with a panoramic view over Florence. So far this is one my favorite restaurants in Florence! Actually, it is one of my favorite restaurants in Italy.

Mainly because of the view. It is absolutely phenomenal!






The restaurant is located in Fiesole, a small town that is just really cute and pretty off the beaten path. “Fiesole is situated on a hill only 7 km to the historic centre of Florence.” It is up a little, and very steep, hill on the corner only sharing space with a monastery. Most people who visit Florence don’t know about this place so, which means it’s not busy and it feels a little exclusive.


The Restaurant

La Reggia Degli Etruschi is a family owned restaurant and they are just so welcoming every time I go. I’ve been 3 times and will make a trip to Florence just to visit the restaurant.

La Reggia Degli Etruschi is a great place to get a good steak, something pretty hard to come by in Italy. They have an amazing selection of wine and you can be there all-day choosing a bottle of wine.

I had Beef fillet flavoured with bacon and grapes – so freaking good. Never had grapes with my meat and I would definitely do it again lol. I also had the steak with the peppercorn sauce, fan-freaking-tastic.



The Ambiance

The atmosphere is fantastic whether you’re there during the day or at night. There is an air of romance no matter what time of day.



There is inside and outside seating and honestly, I don’t know which one is better. The inside has great chandeliers, probably from Murano where all the chandeliers in Italy seem to be from, and the outside is just absolutely gorgeous.




My absolute favorite thing about being up there is that it takes the Sun so long to set, it doesn’t set until in 930 or so in the summertime and it’s beautiful to watch.

My tip is to make a reservation around 7pm, eat dinner inside or outside and watch the sunset with a glass of wine. They will let you take your glass to sit by the edge and watch the sunset.





La Reggia Degli Etruschi Restaurant is famous throughout Florence and Tuscany for its extensive selection of wines. “Besides the sweeping views of the hills of Florence, guests can admire the best labels of the legendary wine-producing region of Tuscany…Super Tuscans’

This was the first bottle of wine I had and is also one of my favourites.




It is definitely more expensive than most restaurants in Florence/Italy in general but that is because it is nicer than most of them. You won’t be spending Fogo De Chao or Capital Grille money lol. You will probably leave spending about 40 euro per person for wine, dessert, and a main course, and a side or two.


Getting There



It is in Fiesole, a 15 to 20-minute cab ride From Florence. The car won’t take you up to the top so you have to walk up the hill. It is pretty steep but I promise you the view and the experience are more than worth it. You will be out of breath, it’s not a long walk it’s just a steep walk. Don’t let me scare you though, it’s not that bad lol.

If you want to get their early the monastery is open to go look around.

La Reggia Degli Etruschi

Via S.Francesco 18

Fiesole, Firenze – Italy

Ph./Fax +39 055 59385

How To Get To La Reggia Degli Etruschi


I tell everyone I know who is visiting Rome and Florence to have lunch or dinner at Degli Etruschi. It is only a 1-hour fast train to Florence from Rome. I cant recommend this place enough. Cheers to one of my favorite restaurants in Italy and I am absolutely looking forward to finding more.

Have you been here? Do you have other Florence restaurant recommendations? Tell me about your experience in the comments below.



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