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Some people absolutely dread group trips. They think that they are too much trouble and such a hassle, which isn’t completely false, but if you pick the right people and you follow these tips then you won’t have any issues.

Why I love Group Trips

They make things cheaper, you get to bond and form connections with new people or deeper ones with people you already know, you have so much support, there is always someone to talk to, and they are fun AS with the right people! Plus you get to take fun pictures like this

How Many Is Too many?

There is a sweet spot for well-managed group trips in my opinion:

  • 2 people if something goes wrong it ruins the whole trip
  • 3 people, someone usually ends up feeling left out at some point in the trip
  • 4 is cool works well
  • 5 is my sweet spot. The initial planning can be bit hectic but the trip usually turns out to be great.
  • 10+ can cause chaos especially when everyone has an opinion but if you’re up for the planning these trips can be epic!

Group trips absolutely enhance the experience of your destination if you do them right. These tips are going to ensure you Group Trip the right way so you have a great time.

Group Vibe

First, the group vibe is absolutely EV. REE. TING! you definitely need to pick a group that you vibe well with.

The best part of group trips is that there is usually a good variation of personality types and energy in the group. So depending on your mood for the day or hour you can absolutely decide who you want to be around.

For your own sanity, don’t just go on the trip because everyone’s going you need to make sure you’re going to have fun. Everyone on the trip needs to have an ally. I know I’m sounding a bit Game of Thrones-ish but there is nothing less fun than dealing with a constant arguer, general jackass, or bad attitude… THE.WHOLE.TIME.

If you are planning the trip don’t get suckered into inviting someone you just don’t like…it won’t be fun for you. This is not a time to “grow” and “be the bigger person”… lol, do that when you get back home. If the planning begins to get out of hand then either wait and/or gather another group of people to go with or ditch them and go by yourself.

Me Time

If you’re anything like me you can’t be around people for an extended amount of time. I’m an extrovert and my limit, if I like you, is about 8 hours lol; if you’re an introvert then it is less than that. This is no fault of theirs, it is just something that helps me stay a pleasant individual.

You need time to decompress and unwind from the day or just being around people. I definitely try to gauge where I am and how I’m feeling for that day so I don’t make people think they are the problem because it’s not them (usually) it’s just I need my own space sometimes. This isn’t a big deal and no one should be upset by this. Everyone needs a little alone time every once in a while. Especially if your trip is 5 days or more

This isn’t a big deal and no one should be upset by the fact that you may need space. Everyone needs a little alone time every once in a while. Especially if your trip is 5 days or more


It is OK to separate you guys! You do not have to be around each other the entire time or do everything together every waking minute.

Depending on the time spent in your destination you May not be able to hit every single point of interest for everyone if you stay together. Not everyone wants to see the same things priorities in life and in travel are different and that is okay. Some people want to eat, me, some people want to go to a museum, not me, some people want to go see what absinthe tastes like, may or maynot be me.



Have a general game plan the night before or the morning. The game plan is not meant to keep tabs on people 24/7, it is just to get a general idea of peoples movements for the day. (e.g. who is going with whom, are you staying together today, who is going to stay at the house, who’s coming-back early, sick people, etc.) This is also the time to talk about what you want to see for the day and whether it will be a group outing, smaller groups, or you will be by yourself.

Stay Connected

Everyone needs to have everyone’s contact information. Email, phone numbers, flight info, WhatsApp, social media handles, etc. It might sound like a bit much but it is important in case someone gets lost, you don’t have Wi-Fi, their flight gets delayed etc. This is especially helpful when you aren’t travelling together.

Send this as an email or create a GroupMe, WhatsApp, or Facebook group to easily share.

Make Sure Someone Knows Where You Are

At all times. Obvi not every second. Basically when you leave the group.  E.G. went in a store, or walked down the street, left the ho[s]tel, went on a date with some random Italian you met etc. Life 360 is a great app for this! I love this app. General safety is what makes the trips fun.

Set Expectations

Of the trip and hotel roommate rules, attitudes, etc. The most successful trips have guidelines and boundaries — talk about splitting up being an option, how ppl feel about it etc.

Also, as ridiculous as this may sound rooming with someone with the same sleep pattern as you will make your life better. Think about cleanliness, courteousness, snoring, and other habits as well. I’m telling you…these things matter! Lol

Check Your Bags & Feelings At The Airport

Leave the sensitive part of you at home. Chill with the complaining and have fun with the great people you came with. If someone really crossed to the line to you say something, fix it, and move on. Don’t let that ish fester. Everyone can tell and it’s annoying lol. There should be a reciprocated air about the trip, which is,  let us make this trip the best trip we’ve ever been on.

Be respectful, apologize if you have to, and keep it moving. Dealing with hurt feelings, annoyances, irritations, attitudes, rudeness, and disrespect on a group trip is the absolute worst. Someone in a bad mood or you in a bad attitude is annoying… to everyone. Talk about it or don’t talk about it just don’t ruin the trip for everyone.

If you need a moment take one. If someone looks like they want to be left alone…Leave. Them. Alone. They will come around when they are ready.

If someone wants to go off and do something else, let them, it doesn’t mean you/they aren’t enjoying the group trip. As adults, everyone should be OK with that.

Less Is More

I know group trips are great for spitting costs but don’t be so cheap that you can’t even relax in your room or bed. Choose an Airbnb or hotel where there are no more than 2 people to a room or even better, everyone has their own space. If you go the hotel route, It might be tempting to have 4 people in one room, 2 to a bed, but things just get uncomfortable if you have to do it for an extended amount of time. I mean after all, you aren’t 12.

Have Fun!

The trip is too short for you to have a bad attitude or cry about someone else’s bad attitude. If someone is treating you poorly go off and do your own thing or hang out with someone treating you well. Don’t get so upset that’s the only thing you remember about that trip is that somebody upset you. You’re not going to be excited about taking pictures, trying new foods, or seeing new things if you are focused on the fact that someone hurt your feelings/pissed you off. That will actually be all you remember about the pictures you did or didn’t take. You have to get past it and have the best time you can because most likely you won’t be back within the next couple years or maybe ever again.

Go With The Flow

Go with the freaking flow. You are there to do, see, and try things that you have never done, seen, or tried before. Don’t force conversation, interaction, or the pictures; just let everything happen organically. This will allow you to have the best memories.

Enjoy The Moment

This is a general travel tip. You don’t have to take a picture of everything. Take a moment to look around and just enjoy the time with the friends that you’re with.

Stop experiencing the moment through a filter or the viewfinder on your camera. You don’t have to take a picture of everything. ( I know I said that a literal second ago but it needed to be emphasized.) Just bask in the moment; if it was important you won’t forget it. Some moments are meant to be shared in silence, touch, or just a look. Cherish those moments.

Break Bread

Have at-least one group meal a day whether that be breakfast lunch or dinner, dinners are usually the most fun. This is the time where you can share what you saw, the best and worst parts of your day, and maybe what all of you should go back and do together (or things people shouldn’t bother going to). Enjoying one meal a day just brings everybody closer, which is the point of a group trip — to experience things together.

Money Honey

Keep track of your own expenses. Cash is KING in most countries so exchange or use the atm once before you leave the airport. Have various and multiple forms of currency (cash, debit, and credit).

If someone pays for you, pay them back in a timely fashion like later that night or when you come across the next ATM. Don’t be that guy. If you pay for someone else don’t be afraid to ask them to pay you back or have them pay for something of yours to make up the cost. Venmo is an extremely useful app in regards to free money transfer between friends. There are also things like Chase Pay and Wells Fargo Sure Pay.

I am such an advocate of group trips I think they are so much fun I think they bring everybody closer and you have the absolute most amazing memories and pictures that will last you a lifetime. Just set expectations, check your feelings at the airport and enjoy the amazing moments to come.


What do you think about these group trip tips? Do you have any stories about your group trips? I have plenty I’d love to hear about them in the comments below. If you have any other group trip tips let me know below as well.


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Expert Guide On Navigating Group Trips


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