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This is one of 2 restaurants in Italy that I absolutely love and will go to every time I am in Positano. My other favourite is in Florence and has a killer view. I love these two restaurants so much I took my mom to both.

C’era una Volta is family owned which I love and everyone there is really really sweet. I love what the name means –PIZZERIA RESTAURANT ONCE UPON A TIME. I am a sucker for Disney and a good fairytale. I’ve gone 3 times and every time the owner remembers my name. I mean HOW AMAZING IS THAT! It was so sweet and amazing and it made my experience that much better.


The Restaurant

The food at this restaurant is really good and authentic. The seafood is amazing, obvi, because it is right off the coast. I had the seafood pasta. Uh-mazing.

The owners and staff are really nice people. Before departing Positano, the first time, we went back to get pizza to take on the boat to Sorrento. They were closed after breakfast and they weren’t going to open until 3 pm; we would have been gone by then but they didn’t let us leave empty handed. Without asking they gave us pastries to take with us for free. Which was really sweet and they didn’t have to do that but I think they saw how disappointed we were and felt bad for us lol. They didn’t want us to leave without having something – How freaking sweet!


The Pizza

That’s great Ashleigh but how’s the pizza? Lol my bad I got caught up. The pizza has to be great if I went back 3 times and tried to get it to-go, which most Italian restaurants don’t do or look at you crazy for asking haha! The pizza is fantastic! All the ingredients just come together so nicely!

C’era una Volta has really good smooth limoncello – coming from someone who hates limoncello. He makes it himself and it is better than any other place I’ve had limoncello in Italy. Understandably so because if you want limoncello Positano is the place to go.


The View

The view is phenomenal! You can see all of Positano from the terrace. It is so romantic if that’s what you’re looking for. Or it is just a great place to go with family or a group of friends. It is also a fantastic place to wind down with a glass of wine and pasta any time of the day.

Either the family or the owner will take your order or come out to check on you. With the view, the wine, the food, and the family you can’t help but feel the warmth. Every time I went, I had great conversations with the family; the owner even took a shot of limoncello with me.

I really enjoyed my lunches and dinners and can’t recommend this place enough. I feel so warm and so taken care of and so welcome at the restaurant. This is the epitome of what Italy embodies and I just had a great time every time I go.


Getting there

Climb the 400+ stairs, take the little bus, or have a taxi take you to the top. But yes you should go because it is beautiful they are friendly and it is a good time

Pizzeria Ristorante C’era Una Volta
Via Marconi 127
Positano (sa) , 84017 Italy
Tel: 089 811930
Cell: 333 2822845



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