Shit People Say To Travelers

These are the 20 most annoying things my friends and I hear before during and after every trip we take. This is just me venting lol but it feels so good!

After you read this you may think, Ashleigh YOU DON’T KNOW MY LIFE. And you would be absolutely correct but there is nothing in this world that compares to travelling and realizing the danger comes from not travelling.

How Do You Want To Live?

When you refrain, for whatever reason, from seeing the world you are choosing to live a life of stagnancy. Honestly, who really wants that? If someone came up and asked you, “Do you want to live a stagnant, fearful, and confined life?” You would probably say “hell no why would you even ask!?”

Well choosing not to travel because of “time”, “money”, “kids”, or “fear” is answering “Hell YES!” To that question. I want you to live your best life so read this and take what you will from it. Hopefully what you take is that all things are possible and if you want it bad enough you will make a way and book the flight.

Enough of the soapbox! On to the…

20 Annoying Things People Who Don’t Travel Say To Travellers About Travelling


disclaimer – this isn’t meant to be mean or judgemental. It is a fun venting post but these are things we hear on a regular basis that get old after the 30th time.


1. Must Be Nice

PEOPLE! I, and those who travel have purposefully set my life up to be able to travel. So yes, it is nice and if you stop being so bitter you can do it too.


2. You Don’t Live In The Real World

This IS the real world. Again, I’ve set my life up so that I can travel.

What that question really sounds like is “it’s not fair and I want you to suffer with me”. Being in the real world sounds more like being in a mundane world or in a world where you don’t get what you want. I definitely don’t settle for things and if I can’t have what I want I wait, I prepare, and then I strategize on how to get where it is that I want to be.


3. I Can’t Afford To Travel

Yes, you can. You just use your money for other things that aren’t plane tickets. LIKE Starbucks, movie tickets, décor, hair, nails, kitten posters, etc. Ditch the cable and get a firestick, do your own nails, get highlights that, after 6 months, still look good after they grow out. Bayalge is a great technique for that lol.

United, Air France, WOW Air, and others, have had flights that are $300 round trip to get to Europe. That equates to your cable and phone bill. You can afford to travel and it is possible. I purchased tickets on all 3 of those airlines for flights in August through November of 2017. Two of them were non-stop.



4. I Don’t Have Anyone To Go With

I get travelling alone the first time is weird and can be a bit scary but if you start in the right places you will be fine. Check out my posts on The Best Places To Go On A Solo Adventure and Solo Travel Tips For Beginners.

If you had to wait for everyone to “be ready” and have their ducks in a row you would NEVER go anywhere. Common excuses:

  • “I don’t want to go there”
  • “I can go those dates because of my vacation time”
  • “That place/hotel it too expensive”
  • “Don’t they have Zika?” (Houston Texas has Zika baby).

So, I go by myself. You can’t live your life based on other peoples finances or schedule.


5. I Have Kids

I have kids is an excuse because I know people who go on cruises with their kids or fly them places. If you want to know how to travel with your kids and in style hit up Scout Fashion; she is the epitome of getting up and going with your children.

Whenever God blesses me with kids she will be someone that I look up. Yes, things do get more expensive when travelling with kids BUT this is where the looking for deals thing comes into play.

6. Bring Me Back A Souvenir

Get your own souvenir! Come with me! Let’s experience this together! It is possible, you just have to rearrange things in your life if you want it. My dears, where there is a will there is a way.


7. How Was Your Vacation

Our trips are not vacations. We travel for the experience, to become more well-rounded individuals, and to learn. Most times we need a vacation from our travels because we are doing so much, learning so much, and getting so engrossed in the culture that we are we’re tired when we get home because, again, it’s not a vacation it’s an experience.


8. Going There (Insert Any Destination On The News) Is Dangerous

“especially for a solo woman traveler or even two female travelers together (like us) without a man there. Like, I’m not trying to go to Iran. I’ll say “Thailand” and people are like, are you sure that’s safe? and I’m like, SAFER THAN DALLAS! Obviously, people mean well. ” Wise words from my friend Liz of Rome If You Want To.

Again, we do know you mean well but How many people were robbed in NYC last night, murdered in Houston two days ago, or were the victims of some crime in the past week in your city? Again for perspective, LA , Saint Louis, Chicago, Houston, New York are probably the most dangerous places to be in America. They may be bombing in Syria, Afghanistan, Egypt, and Lebanon but… they aren’t though! Obviously no one is going to Syria and Afghanistan but there are many beautiful places in Egypt and they arent being bombed and are safe to go.

Another perspective, you realize that the United States is over 3000 miles across. If someone said they are bombing in the United States, Montana might be the target but everyone else Is safe… that is the same thing in these countries… Syria excluded. The perception is because they’re Muslim countries we shouldn’t go and that makes no sense. Travelling helps you understand the realities of the situation in other countries and actually makes you less fearful.


9. I Can’t Believe You Did That

Mainly in response to linking up with strangers and going places with people you just met local or not. Talking and going places with people is how you learn about your destination.

This is where you find the coolest places to go and how you get to know about the culture. You get to really understand where you are and how the people are impacted by government, tourists, etc.

Speaking to locals is also how you figure out how you can either help a country; monetarily, spreading awareness, or physically helping someone or group of people.


10. You Shouldn’t Go By Yourself

Sometimes it’s the only way to go. Again, if you had to wait for coordinated group trips or your friend, you wouldn’t go anywhere. Seriously, time is of the essence people lol. You can always make more money but you can’t make more time.

Planning group trips means you have to wait for them to get off work or you have to wait for them to use their vacation or work with the days they have. Noone has time for that. 



11. Your Life Is So Luxurious

“No man, I’m sweaty, carried a backpack for miles, sharing a room with 14 other people, wondering if there will be hot water…. so luxurious. BUT I wouldn’t have it any other way.” From my friend Mary Kate who is absolutely living the nomad life.

Mary Kate and I travel differently but this way works for her. I don’t like to sweat unless I’m working out and I definitely don’t backpack for miles, lol not my steelow, but she set her life up to live the way she wants and it is working for her.

No one is traveling on the Four Seasons Private Jets and we’re not all staying in 5-star hotels. I’ve stayed in a hostel in Portugal that felt like a hotel and ones in Positano and Stockholm the felt like hostels lol.

It’s really important to understand that we’re doing what we feel is right for us and we are doing it in a way that is economical for us. I have stayed in a 5-star hotel in Bulgaria. I spent $150 for 3 days total because I split the bill with a friend.

Which comes to the point that it is important to choose destinations that you get the most out of your country’s dollar. We have created our own luxury in the sense that we travel when we want/make time/move things around.

Some think that it’s irresponsible but to us it is necessary.


12. We’re Not All Rich Like You

Dude! I’m not rich like me either lol. When you’re in Europe or you’re in Asia it usually does not cost you more than 70 USD to go from one country to another. you can go from Italy to Holland for $40 round trip. you can go from Italy to Greece for $30 round trip. You can go from Switzerland to Spain for $46. I just looked these up.

“I’ve had acquaintances comment on my social media posts stating “are you rich or something” or “did you win the lottery” or “I wish I had money” (rolls eyes). I mean I love a spa hotel for at least a night, but the majority of my accommodations are $30/ per night or less around the world (& no it doesn’t have to be a hostel for those who are too bougie for that life, like Ashleigh lol). As much as you can make that payment on your BMW lease, you can make travel happen!! Money is def a big factor, but courage and flexibility are the most important elements for travel!” – Marion Makes a great point

Once you arrive on a continent it’s so cheap and easy to take the train a ferry or a flight to another country. Taking a ferry to and from Paris and London is quite simple.

Liz’s Experiences and I’ve had similar:

  • I’ve been all about Asia for the last couple of years. One of my favorite hotels on earth is in Thailand and it’s $19 a night – def, not a hostel, I had my own bungalow, private bath, insane view, and surroundings. And the 4-star hotel I always stay in in Bangkok is a splurge – about $100 a night, but believe me, the same hotel in Dallas would be $400 (not even to mention in NYC or Miami). By the way, it has a breakfast that makes me weep.
  • In Sri Lanka, I stayed in super luxury for $60 a night. Private beachfront villa. With breakfast, perfect wifi, everything. I was alone, so obviously if I had been with someone it would’ve been $30 a person! I could go on and on with examples.” And as could I.
  • And in Europe, in Krakow, Eleni and Rachel and I stayed for $30 per person in a huge triple room in the center of the city. We had like 8 people in an Airbnb in Prague for like $14 per person per night. Like I said, I could go on and on….
  • I flew from Rome to Morocco for $20 which was loke a 3hr flight. The 45min flight for me to go from St. Louis to Chicago cost like $150…why?!
  • It’s like $350 to go to Dallas from Nashville! And fuel costs 4x what it costs in the States.

In these two images, I did a search for Poland to Greece and Switzerland to Spain. Again, Once you arrive on the continent the flights are crazy cheap.



Lol real talk, the list goes on


13. So Why Did You Come Back

Normally this is said with an attitude, which is why it made the list. It sometimes feels like people are happy that you’re back and you have to “come back to reality and live the American Dream”.

I came back because I had to. Italians don’t hire Americans and I would not have been able to live the life I wanted to live. The plan is to live abroad eventually though.


14. Just Get A Job There If You Love It So Much

Not for lack of trying. It is ridiculously hard for an American to get a job in Europe. The easiest way to get a job in Europe is either to teach English, which is not my calling, bartend — something I do but you get paid under the table and Europeans don’t tip understandably because they don’t need to.

Also, these are all socialist countries or monarchies so they don’t they don’t pay well. Taxes in many countries range between 45 to 59 percent. I don’t want to struggle and I don’t wanna live paycheck to paycheck or not get paid a livable wage by my standards. It all depends on the kind of life you want to live.


15. Bomb Threats

Oh my God oh my God oh my God oh my God! In Houston, I have a higher chance of getting shot than I do getting bombed somewhere else.

There were issues in Bangkok, Paris, Belgium, England, etc. At the end of the day, these things are few and far between compared to anything that could happen to me living in Houston, LA, NYC, or Chicago so I can’t sit here and entertain an incident.

Yes, EVERYTHING happening in the world is awful but it’s also a learning experience. I’m not saying that I want to just die but at the same time, I would rather live knowing that I lived learning and growing than being scared to even leave my couch and watching other people enjoy destinations on Instagram.


16. I Only Stay On The Resort

Ummm? Okay.

17. “They”

They are people 1st and foremost and at the end of the day, they are no different you or me or people like your dad or your mom or sister or your brother or cousin or your best friend. They are all working, they all teachers, they all love pizza, they love Instagram, they love to shop, they love fashion, they love makeup, they love boys, they love girls, they love to be loved, they go through the same trials and tribulations you go through.

Everybody wants to be loved and everyone wants to be accepted. So they might be different and they might do things differently but at the end of the day “we are more alike my friends than we are unalike.”


18. I Can’t Just Leave, I Have Responsibilities

You chose those responsibilities and you are choosing to keep them. Yes, it is easier said than done but it is possible to get done.

It is not irresponsible to live out your dreams.  I have met many people who have sold everything they have, packed up their families, and just up and left. There are different ways you could go about leaving and creating the life that you want when it comes to traveling. You have to take that 1st step.

You don’t have to sell everything and move but is your happiness important to you? Understand that happiness is created it isn’t something that just happens. What effort are you going to put forth to create the happy life you want?

What effort are you going to put forth to create the happy life you want?Click To Tweet


19. I am too scared to do/go X

Leave your comfort zone! Nothing ever grows there!

“Communicating with people in other countries with people that speak other languages isn’t as difficult as you think. Getting around a new city isn’t as hard as you think.” – Thank You Akyra.

You have to get out of your comfort zone. It is not going to be easy and it is not always going to be fun but it will be rewarding in the end.

But again, what is more important? Your growth and happiness or your whole 9 to 5 regime? I know I sound harsh but I’ve been there. I work for a Fortune 20 company and I see what it does to people who do not choose their life or who chose the company over their life. I saw it and said “I don’t want this”. And them proceeded to figure out what was going to make my life what I wanted.


Last But Certainly Not Least


20. I Don’t Have The Time

Make the time. You make time for what is important to you.

“I need to constantly tell people that I work remotely, so I work when I travel, so I can go to Thailand for a month and not take one day off. I’m not lucky; I created this situation. If you’ve got a traditional job, you can have a billion dollars and this kind of travel is still not possible” btw Liz is Goals AF. This is what I am striving for.

Not everyone has the flexibility to work from home but there are many ways to get around the 9-5 schedule. This one is probably the most difficult one to get around but it is still possible. Stay tuned for my How to travel with a 9-5 post. I went to 10 different countries with a full-time benefitted 401k job. 5 of which were with Liz lol.


Are there any phrases you are sick of being told every time you go travel somewhere? Tell me in the comments below.



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  • I actually went to Iran with a group and it was amazing, and safe. People were super friendly – not what you expect. My family was concerned but I texted them every day & had not one single worrying moment in the 2 weeks I was there….

  • I actually went to Iran with a group and it was amazing, and safe. People were super friendly – not what you expect. My family was concerned but I texted them every day & had not one single worrying moment in the 2 weeks I was there….

  • I love this so dang much! I constantly hear “why travel with your baby, he won’t even remember it” and it drives me insane. I travel with him for me & we can tell him about it when he’s older.

  • These are still so relevant, BUT I feel like our generation is coming along when it comes to travel! Millennials are finding ways to “side hustle” and save because corporate America isn’t cutting it (from a pay and vacation time perspective). There’s absolutely no excuse not to travel. It’s way too important to see how the rest of the world lives. I love reading this post in your voice too! Haha!!

  • YES!!! I recently wrote an article saying the same thing. Everyone can travel, if you’re motivated then you’ll find a way. People don’t like hearing it because it’s a little bit too much truth for them, but I completely agree with you. Thanks for sharing!

  • I have seriously heard each every number countless times. And it seems no matter how much you try to explain how you’re able to travel and offer out advice and tips, it’s still the same negative mess. This is a great post, I wish I could e-mail it to a few people lol

  • First of all thanks Ashleigh

    Great post, It helps them and I also tell them to read travel blogs like this one of yours so that they may be enlighten.

  • Based my whole blog around #12! Great and comical post. Seemed like you’re based in Houston-me too! If you’re in the GLT_houston chapter come meet up with us!

    • Haha I love it! Love your blog name. I can definitely take some tips from you on traveling America. I haven’t been many places in the states. And your products are awesome! I’m glad you enjoyed the post!

  • I get this alot! we are a family of four and we are always on the go. you can go with kids. you make it a financial priority and a lifestyle. But seriously where do you find those cheap flights TO europe? I heard about the discount airlines once you go, but not international. I went to Italy last March for 400 all in NYC – Milan and I thought that was good!

    • See! Thank you Harmony! I knew it could be done and you’re doing it and I love it lol! Good for you travelling with kids.

      400 to Italy is phenomenal! It is hard to get better than that. I actually have a post planned about cheap flights but I sign up for the airlines’ email lists so I can be notified about sales. WOW Air is how I’m getting to Europe in November for 350. My flight to Spain in August was 495 found on google flights. And United has fare sales that got me to NYC and Chicago in October and November for 89 and 99 bucks. SkyScanner is my go to as well and sometimes I use kayak.

  • #YouDOntLiveInTheRealWorld lol, well if the real world means being stuck in one place when there is a whole other world to see, yes I prefer my wonder land!

    great post!

  • I also hear those a lot but as certified travelers, I corrected them or instead share my travel experiences. It helps them and I also tell them to read travel blogs like this one of yours so that they may be enlighten.

  • Ashleigh, you enumerated them excellently. Me, I am so familiar with the no.9, every time I travel all by myself and only mobile phone and backpack with a couple of clothes, I always receive words from friends the “I can’t believe you did that” I love to travel solo, because solo for me is just a word coz along the the way or amidst your trip you will meet a lot of people that eventually becomes your friends.

    Another thing is the travel is fri rich only, somehow yes, but you can travel and discover your own land than cost you less. It is the journey that makes more memorable not the price of the place. ❤️


  • I totally agree with this one!!! Most people who don’t find travelling pleasurable have so much reasons to say. But for me, if there’s a will, there will always be a way! Will definitely share this one to my group of friends and I am sure they will have someone in mind who are used to having these reasons! hahah

    • lol I’m glad you like it! It is funny how some things can seem so cliché until you go through them. Where there is a will there is a way applies to so much in life and travelling and experiencing life is no different.