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If you are looking for a wine tour in during your stay in Florence I honestly dont think you can beat the Slow Days wine tour. It was absolutely amazing! We saw so much in a short amount of time. Everything was planned out for us perfectly. I love a private tour, a private car, and a private driver if you want to know my reasons why check out my post on 10 reasons to hire a private driver. Honestly, it just makes your experience that much better.

My favorite wine tour so far has been the Slow Wine Tour. It is family owned, and the person who took us out was the husband. He is from England, and he married an Italian, and they ended up moving to Florence and started up a wine company. This little story is one of the reasons I love private tours; they are intimate. He was an excellent tour guide and fun to talk to.


Booking With Slow Days Wine Tour

Booking was incredibly easy. Slow Days did not have any other tours scheduled for that day which was awesome for us. They had two options, a BMW sedan for small parties and a van that I believe fit eight people.

Our tour guide was a great conversationalist. He was very knowledgeable, answered all of our questions with a smile and didn’t talk too much or not enough. I do not know about you but the more someone talks, the less I listen. Not on purpose but I just get bored sometimes lol

We were told where in Florence to meet, and the rest was smooth slow wine day.

Since there were only 3 of us he took us out in the BMW and it was nice, really comfortable.


Our Day

Was full of activity but not too much. Enough to keep you entertained but not so much that you are too exhausted to move the next day. We were taken to a couple of villages, one medieval that wasn’t too populated, which was interesting to see, market, lunch, and two wineries which were absolutely fantastic


Best Wine Tours In Florence Slow Days Wine Tour


Simon took us to lunch at this cute little restaurant that was in a small town.


Best Wine Tours In Florence Slow Days Wine Tour

Best Wine Tours In Florence Slow Days Wine Tour

After lunch, we went to this small little village that clearly does not get many tourists, so it was really nice to see. These are the experiences I love the most because they are not saturated with tourists, and you can really see what life is really like.


Best Wine Tours In Florence Slow Days Wine Tour


We were taken to a bonus vineyard which was exciting because I thought were only going to see 1.

Best Wine Tours In Florence Slow Days Wine Tour


We also went to a market where we could buy different things. Kind of like a farmers market. It was really cute; you could buy clothes, you could buy salami, you could buy all different kinds of things there. It was not really touristy where you could buy knick knacks which is something that I liked. I saw these flowers, that again I thought were fake because they were so colourful.


Best Wine Tours In Florence Slow Days Wine Tour


Something else that was really cool was that the tour was really interactive. He talked to us about a lot of different things in Florence as we were riding and we got to know him and it was just a really really nice tour.


The Winery

Best Wine Tours In Florence Slow Days Wine Tour


Was absolutely fantastic. I kind of thought it was going to be like other ones I have been to in the states where they are massive, and there are many people there but fantastically we were the only ones there which was absolutely amazing. It was super private and super attentive. And just absolutely beautiful. I mean you know the wine is good because they get to make it here and see this every day. How could your heart and wine not be happy here!?


Best Wine Tours In Florence Slow Days Wine Tour


We got to pick some of the grapes and put them in our hands. He told us to mush them up and then talked to us about how they are supposed to feel, what they are supposed to look like, and how they are supposed to taste. This was the most fun part because it was a look and touch type of experience.


Best Wine Tours In Florence Slow Days Wine Tour


He showed us where they have the big barrels and they make the wine and he let us taste it during the early process. We were taught about the process, which was a smidge different than some of the larger wineries I have been to. Again, because there were only three of us the vineyard owner could answer all of our questions and we still had ample amount of time to walk through the vineyards and soak it all in.


My favorite experiences are being able to support small and family owned businesses; it was special. In my opinion supporting small businesses, especially in other countries, and supporting family owned businesses you get a better experience, a more holistic experience because they talk to you about things that larger wineries or larger chains would not talk to you about. In my experience, this means you also get to do more and you get to see more.


We also were shown where they make the dessert wine. It was so fascinating to me because I have never seen this before. When I walked in the smell was so sweet. All the grapes are hanging and drying kind of like raisins and honestly, I thought the grapes were fake. I actually thought we were walking into a simulated room because they could show us the real stuff! Lol My mom liked to decorate with fake grapes on the kitchen table lol and they looked exactly like that to me haha. The process was really cool and I love to learn so this was really fun for me.

Best Wine Tours In Florence Slow Days Wine Tour


The Tasting

We sat down at a long wooden table with the most beautiful backdrop! I mean if you’re going to participate in a wine tour THIS is the way to do it. Because it was a private tour and only 3 of us it felt so exclusive and you all know I like to feel special lol.


Best Wine Tours In Florence Slow Days Wine Tour


The table was dressed with bread, salami, cheese, and olive oil. We tasted about ten different wines including a dessert wine, and it was just absolutely fantastic. He took us through the various types of wins he made as well as the different ears so we could taste the difference.


Best Wine Tours In Florence Slow Days Wine Tour


The view was gorgeous; we went in October, so that means the leaves were just in so many beautiful colours ranging from green to red to orange to yellow so it was just a beautiful. If you are planning to participate in a wine tour anywhere in the northern hemisphere I would suggest August through October. October is when you will see the leaves change colours and I believe August September is when the grapes are harvested.


Best Wine Tours In Florence Slow Days Wine Tour


Beautiful tour and then we ended up at the Michelangelo statue in the center of the town. In the center of Florence. It began in Florence and ended in Florence, and it was gorgeous, wonderful, such a wonderful day and I am just really excited about it.



If you could not tell by the overabundance of adjectives used in this post, I think this tour is so worth it. You can take a load off for the day and have someone show you around without having to rush, without having to worry about many people. So it was absolutely amazing. They also have cars that fit about eight people, which is cool. So, this is an excellent tour, and you will have an amazing time.

For more information or to book your tour visit their website:

Slow Days Wine Tour



What was your favorite wine experience in Florence? Do you have any wine tour recommendations? Tell me about them in the comments below.



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