14 Crazy Useful Solo Travel Tips

Solo Travel Tips FTW!

These are solo travel tips that will help make your solo trip more enjoyable, safe, and fun. The thought of solo travel is scarier than the reality; It is an empowering experience. It is really the thought of going to a foreign country by yourself that is the scary part. Once you arrive it’s all gravy.

However, ladies and gentlemen, in all situations USE YOUR BEST JUDGEMENT.

After you’ve checked out these tips, if you’re interested, take a look at my top 10 solo travel destinations for beginners.

Eat At The Bar

Some people don’t like to eat by themselves. They think people are staring at them or think they are weird for being alone. Honestly, no one cares lol.

But if you are who I mentioned above then a way to ease out of that is to eat at the bar. A lot of places have full-service bars and you can sit next to people and strike up conversation or talk to the bartender. That is usually fun. You can ask them where they recommend you go, what they recommend you eat, and what is a can’t miss. They may even offer to take you out.

I have had some of the best times going out with wait and hotel staff.

Stay At A Hotel

I recommend staying at a 4-star hotel during your first solo travel trip. To me this is the best way to feel safe and get a lot out of your trip. It is a great way to gauge how you feel about being alone. You get many amenities without having to leave the hotel (a little counter intuitive but hey, it’s your first solo travel trip). You can have the staff arrange cars, excursions, and tours for you as well as have them recommend great places to eat and go out.

The main reason I recommend staying in a hotel during your solo trip is for your own peace of mind and your comfort.

You can ask the front desk to set up a check in call to make sure you are doing okay. For the day, you don’t want to leave or don’t have the nerve many times the hotel has a lot of things to do. You can lay by the pool where there are usually people at the bars that you can talk to. The key is doing research for a hotel that has activities, events, and maybe even family friendly. (I don’t do kids but to each their own lol). If you don’t feel comfortable going out at night, there are many hotels that actually have clubs or djs so you can go out to the club without going out to the club.

Stay At A Hostel

You can meet a lot of people whether you stay in a hostel or a hotel. If you are a little more adventurous I encourage you to stay at a hostel. Hostels are pretty cool if you pick the right ones. Hostels are usually cheap and significantly cheaper than hotels. SO, I would recommend spending a little more for a nicer hostel that has a few more amenities.

Hostels are not my stelow and I personally won’t stay in one unless it feels hotleish. Seriously there has to be a god reason I choose a hostel over a hotel, lol but that is neither here nor there.  Meaning you can get your own room and it has its own bathroom. Or a nice bathroom on the floor. I am bourgeois and I have no issue with it. It has nothing to do with age, I’m not yet 30, I’ve always been like this. If you don’t need all the circumstance then choose what you like. Again, research is important.

Be Aware Of Your Surroundings

I am not saying this to keep you paranoid BUT look over your shoulder ever so often. Pay attention to people’s faces, body language, and if they seem to be eavesdropping.

Also, be inconspicuous about how you pull out your money; have money in a few places on your person.

Facebook Groups

People in Facebook groups are so friendly! Especially the travel groups. Everyone in them knows that travelling can sometimes be stressful and lonely if you are travelling by yourself. Many will meet up with you if you are in their city and they are available. I saw one in my Facebook group where a girl was in

I saw one in my Facebook group where a girl was in Morocco and a chick who lived there met up with her and showed her around. You can’t get a better local experience than that!

Expat Groups/Meetup Groups

You can find expat groups everywhere and for every city and country. I would suggest finding some on Google and Facebook for the countries and cities you plan to visit. Then send a message asking if anyone wants to link up for lunch, dinner, or has the time to show you their view of the city. For ladies, just to be safe I would recommend only hanging out with other ladies.

Again, always use your judgment. If it doesn’t feel right, don’t do it.

Don’t Tell People You Are Alone

I don’t tell people I am alone even if I am clearly alone. I either say I am meeting up with my friends in a few or my friend, fiancé, family is back at the hotel or shopping. Sometimes though, if I feel like the person is trustworthy and it is relevant to the conversation, I will say i’m alone.

This is when I sneak a picture of them and get their contact info and send it to my friend, not my mom cause she will freak out lol!! This is obviously so someone knows who I am with.

This is a time you must use your most keen sense of judgment, especially as a woman. Feeling safe is how you will ensure you enjoy your trip.

Say Yes!

But use your judgment. This seems to go against the previous tip but I promise I have had the most fun, had the most interesting conversations, and learned the most from hanging with expat, or even other travelers. Air on the side of saying yes my dears. But…don’t force it! If your gut is telling you no then say no. don’t go and chalk it up to adventure. If they look sketchy they probably are lol. We don’t want any take situations!

My story:

When I was in Costa Rica we met a group of people and they invited us to their villa for dinner. they cooked on the grill and we all just hung out, talked, and later went to the club with them. Because I said yes, I now I feel like when I go to New York I will have people that I met from Costa Rica that I can hang out with.

Don’t Let ANYONE Hold Your Stuff

And don’t give them money. Especially if you just met them. This should raise a little bit of a flag in your mind if this happens. Most people aren’t that comfortable asking their own friends or family for money. So, in my opinion, there is something off and wrong when someone you don’t know and just met asks you for money. Politely decline, and if you feel the need, remove yourself from the situation. Then ghost them if you feel it is necessary lol


Group Tours

This is my favourite solo travel tip. Going on day trips with group tours is the best way to keep you busy, safe, and entertained. There are wine tours, my favorite, distilleries, farms (mozzarella, tobacco, agave, etc. – whatever is native to your area), how things are made tours, bar crawls, and the list goes on! Do some research and find the ones that interest you. You will absolutely meet people while you’re there, especially the ones where people are drinking – they are always the friendliest, and I guarantee somebody will invite you to go with them somewhere so you and normally won’t be Alone the whole time which is the best or your whole solo trip

You will absolutely meet people while you’re there, especially the ones where people are drinking – they are always the friendliest lol. I guarantee somebody will invite you to go with them somewhere — to lunch, a museum, or some adventure. So you and normally won’t be alone, which is nice.

Opt For Cabs Or A Private Car

Private cars are a safe and awesome way to see the city. If you do a little research it doesn’t have to cost you a ton of money. Or you can do it for just a day.

Also, if you only have one day in a city, private cars/tours are awesome. Check out my post on 10 Reasons To Hire A Private Driver On Your Next Trip. if public transport bothers you.

If you don’t want to spring for a private car then cabs and Uber are also a great option.


Airbnb is a great travel trip if you are interested in getting an authentic experience. They can be cheap and sometimes the people cook for you, for free or for a fee.

Many hosts are friendly and will show you around or take you out to lunch or dinner. You can opt for a shared space, which is good if you want to meet people, or for the entire home. Either way, the hosts tend to be nice.

Again though, research is important. For ladies, I recommend staying in a place with only girls.

And if things aren’t what they said they would be or your host makes you feel uncomfortable for any reason Airbnb has great customer service.

Go With A Group

This might not seem like travelling alone but you are going by yourself to meet a travel tour group. And it might not be completely solo but these are great because there is someone to keep tabs on you, they handle all the planning, and you get to meet new people and always have someone to talk to lol. You can go off by yourself if you want as well as many of these tours give you free time or free days.

Last but not least

Check In With The Department Of State

Register your travel plans with the Department of State – Smart Traveler Program. This is just so the U.S. can keep track of you if anything is to happen in that country.


Like I said earlier these tips are mainly to keep you safe. A lot of expert/seasoned travelers wouldn’t adhere to all of these because again, expert. But as a new solo traveler, you should do everything in your power to stay safe. Especially if you aren’t used to being alone.


Do you have any other tips that you think should make it to the list? Tell me about them in the comments!


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  • I didn’t even think about checking in with the state department, I feel like this post made me realize how all too trusting I am on my trips. Thanks for the safety tips, will def have to jot some of these down.

    • I’m glad I could be helpful! I think feeling uncomfortable or scared on a trip is awful so as long as you are smart, pay attention to your surroundings and go with your first instinct most things will turn out perfectly.